Egerton Rothesay is a school that provides specialist input for pupils who need some form of additional support, perhaps because of a specific educational need – such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language issues or sectors of the autistic spectrum – or for a more general problem with learning. We specialize in providing accessible and stimulating educational experiences for our pupils. The CSI workshop was carried out in a multi sensory and enjoyable way and Jacqui held the children’s attention with a range of activities.  Our special provision team of occupational, speech and language therapists and specialist support teachers all participated in the workshop and commented on how focused and engaged the pupils were. We would all like to say a big thank you to Jacqui for such a fun and memorable day and we would highly recommend the workshop. We look forward to your next visit!

Egerton Rothesay School, Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire

The inaugural Forensic Day as provided by the Finger on the Pulse team proved to be a huge success at Fairley House School.  Judging by the feedback from pupils, teachers and parents everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt they had learnt a great deal and received an expert insight into the world of forensic investigation.  As a school for dyslexic and dyspraxic students we specialise in providing accessible and stimulating educational experiences for our pupils. Forensic day ticked all the boxes as far as our students were concerned.  Our special provision team of occupational and speech and language therapists were also highly impressed with the nature of the practical tasks provided throughout the day.

Many members of staff commented on how focused and engaged all 95 pupils had been during each and every session. The multi-sensory nature of the workshop and crime scene investigation ensured that all the activities were not only educational but also informative and entertaining both for pupils and teachers.  I would like to thank Jacqui Thompson on behalf of Fairley House School for a brilliant day and look forward to her next visit. I would highly recommend the Finger on the Pulse experience as an enriching educational experience of real life science.

Fairley House School, 220 Lambeth Road, London SE1

Even students who were previously lacking in motivation and struggled with concentration were fascinated by and engrossed in the whole experience. The activities encouraged a high level of interaction that the students and staff thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you!

James Brindley School, Willows Centre, Birmingham B13 8QB

Many thanks for such an enjoyable session. It was very informative and our students got a great deal. The session really engaged our students and was very well matched to their abilities.

As a Special Hospital School our student group can quickly change in numbers, age and ability and we appreciated you keeping in contact prior to the workshop so that the session was pitched at the right level for the students we had at the time.  I would certainly recommend the workshop as an interactive and educational way of learning about a very interesting subject. Thanks again for an excellent session.

Ash Villa Hospital School, Rauceby, Lincolnshire

Excellent, engaging, practical of immediate interest to our pupils, based on their personal interests. Totally held their attention for over an hour, which in our school is often difficult to achieve. Well done!

Lady Jane FranklinSchool (SEN), Spilsby, Lincolnshire

The pupils (and staff) at the Phoenix really enjoyed the session. I have talked to all of the staff involved and these are some of their observations /suggestions, which I hope, may be of use: The pupils loved the activities, fingerprinting and making their key rings etc. We thought that you had a lovely manner, especially with our lesser able pupils. Suggestions – As our type of children have such a short concentration span it might be useful to have shorter sections where you lead from the front leading into short related activities that all are involved in such as a simple quiz/looking at photographs/observations from a scenario picture /video etc.  It may have been useful to ensure that the pupils raise their hands before answering to avoid an increase in the noise level and even though there were a lot of staff present it may be advisable to insist that their were staff present on each table.

The Phoenix School (SEN), Grantham, Lincolnshire