Secondary School Testimonials

Below is a selection of Secondary School Testimonials from secondary schools across the country.

De La Salle School, Basildon, Essex

Firstly I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience that you gave our students today. They were both engaged and motivated throughout the day. Your dedication and expertise in forensics were amazing allowing students to gain a real understanding of the skills required in this field. In addition, I was hugely impressed by the repartee that you had with the students along with your organizational skills leading up to, including, and after the event. We would be delighted to have you back.

St Edward’s Church of England Academy London Road, Romford, Essex

From everyone at St Edward’s, we want to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ for the fantastic forensics day run by Jacqui and the team from Pulse CSI. Our Year 9 students were engaged from the moment they sat down, learning a range of fascinating techniques with the wonderful hands-on activities. Jacqui and her team were interesting, entertaining and fully engaging, with the day culminating in students donning full PPE to investigate a murder. We followed the guidance in the lead up to the day illustrating Jacqui knows exactly how to set the day up for success. A brilliant educational experience that we will certainly be booking again.

King Harold Academy, Waltham Abbey, Essex

Hi Jacqui, Thank you so much for coming to our school and delivering two very engaging Forensic Science workshops for our Year 9s. Prior to you even attending our school, the communication and attention to detail in developing a bespoke programme for our students was impeccable, thank you for working with us to accommodate the restrictions in way of bubbles and timings, which meant on the day everything ran smoothly and efficiently, I personally think having the two days with fewer students were better than having the hall crammed with students, it felt more manageable and it was nice the students had space and more importantly staff and yourselves at PULSE could move around the hall safely supporting the students.

The Forensic Detective workshops were engaging from the offset very clear presentations and explanations meant all students were able to access the learning and were inclusive to all. I was very impressed with how our SEND students were able to remain focused and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day along with all of their peers.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed gaining an insight into the career of a Forensic Scientist by taking on the role themselves, having learnt lots of techniques in the first session, they were then able to put on a full suit, which was theirs to keep (some were very proud to wear it during lunchtime, which was a great conversation starter with staff out on duty, who said the students were thoroughly enjoying their day).

Our students really liked the challenge of solving a murder crime scene and working out using the techniques they had learnt in the first session, who had committed the murder. Even our staff enjoyed the opportunity of trying out this career! (Thank you, they absolutely loved it).

The final session was a summary of the day and the big reveal of who the murderer was and a review of the Forensic techniques everyone had used and why they had chosen to use them. The students really enjoyed the question and answer session where they were able to explore HE pathways available to them for a career in Forensic Science, as well as understand the importance of their GCSEs and the grades required.

One of the highlights has to be the session on DNA testing along with the video, which had a powerful message regarding heritage and race discrimination, thank you for sharing your own journey of discovery, the students found this fascinating and has certainly made them think about their own heritage which could be wide-ranging.

Thank you again, and I hope we may be able to work with you again.

Cheam High School Chatsworth Road, Cheam, Surrey

The kids, as well as the staff, were super impressed with the workshop, Jacqui and Lucy were able to engage a large cohort of learners with a stream of interactive activities that link really well to the Criminology specification. The learners really enjoyed it and benefitted from the experience – ‘See you next year’!

Moses Agor Cornelius Vermuyden School Dinant Avenue Canvey Island, Essex

Pulse CSI workshop was very well pitched at the level of our students considering that most of them have low aspirations and particularly low interest in science-related workshops.

They were very engaged, eager to find out what Crime Scene Investigators do to unravel some of the heinous crimes.

They felt really part of the team of investigators when they wore the SOCO uniform for the CSI. They will forever remember this as most of them will keep the SOCO uniform as a Souvenir. The highlight was when some said they will consider Forensic Science as a career option in the future.

The attendance was also fantastic as Jacqui went over and above to allow more students to be part of the workshop.

  • Average feedback from most of the students (see separate email) We really enjoyed the day completing the activities and it is nothing we have done before. Usually, we would have been sat in our lessons
  • We are grateful to the team from Pulse CSI for making this happen. Hopefully, more of this will happen next academic year.

On behalf of the Science department, Jon and myself, we say a big thank you for such a wonderful time you promised which was delivered without failure. Hopefully, this Pulse CSI Workshop will cause most of our students to consider Forensic Science as a career choice. Thank you.

Oasis Academy Wintringham, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

I just wanted to write a short email to say a huge thank you for the forensic science day you delivered for us today. The students were enthusiastically engaged from start to finish. The activities challenged students to solve problems and developed their ability to work together. The session was informative and exciting, the e-safety session even allowed the students to understand the importance of online safety. It wasn’t just the students that came out with a glowing reference for the day, the staff loved the day asking if we could book the same day next year. The day was more impressive considering the challenging nature of some of the students involved Jacquie and Jamie were fantastic which allowed the day to stay focused but always very enjoyable. We will definitely be booking next year and recommend you to any primary or secondary school who wanted a perfectly packaged day to inspire students and staff. 

Lady Margaret School, Parsons Green, Fulham, London

Thank you very much for an exceptional day for our key stage 3 pupils. The girls were so engaged and all abilities were challenged and involved as they were able to work independently, even a small minority of pupils who would otherwise find it difficult to focus.  I would highly recommend this day to any school, across all ability ranges. It is particularly relevant to the ‘How Science Works’ aspects of the KS3, KS4 and KS5 curricula. It also links the topics taught in Biology, Chemistry and Physics Specifications. Alternatively, it’s just a really fun educational day of real science, enriching pupils interest in the subject and the career opportunities in forensics. As Jacqui quite rightly put it, ‘there will always be criminals, so we always need brilliant scientists to solve their crimes!  I hope to arrange a day of forensics with our Year 10 girls, due to today’s success!  Well done Jacqui ( and our girls ) and thank you!

Blessed William Howard High School, Stafford, Staffordshire

Working with Pulse CSI was a real pleasure. The company had a really flexible approach to delivering the workshop and were very professional. The students themselves were really well engaged throughout the day and the buzz that came from the sports hall in the final session was unlike any I had seen at our school before, with many students returning early from their lunch break in order to get started. The workshop really stimulated all kinds of questioning and problem solving, with all students applying knowledge and growing in confidence as they did so. 

Langtree School, Woodcote, Reading, Berkshire

Every year at Langtree secondary school, we organise “Curriculum Enrichment Week”, which is an off-timetable week where our students enjoy all kinds of creative cross-curricular activities that are fun and enrich their learning. This year our theme was “Crime and Investigation”. We wrote our own murder mystery for all our students, about a crime that happened in our very midst: “the murder of the Off-Ted Inspector”. We involved all staff members and both students and staff alike were excited to play their part in attempting to solve the crime throughout the week. A huge part of this week was the forensics aspect we wanted to add. We were not just looking for a standard forensics workshop but were hoping for a dynamic forensics workshop that would be able to adapt to our specific crime scene, while still being able to deal with a large number of students. When contacting various forensic workshop providers, Jacqui from Pulse Education stood out by a mile. She not only was able to accommodate our needs but was equally enthusiastic about our week and contributed with fantastic ideas. We gained so much by working with Jacqui because she truly understood what we were trying to achieve and was willing to tailor-make the forensic workshop to fit our needs.

The students spent a whole day analyzing forensics that would bring them another step closer to finding out who killed the Off-Ted inspector at Langtree. Pulse Education does its name proud, for it is truly “on the pulse”. Jacqui is very knowledgeable in her subject area and both she and her team really know how to speak to a teenage audience in a very confident and captivating way. The students were having so much fun, that they didn’t even notice they were learning! I can highly recommend Pulse education’s forensic workshop and will be asking for them to come back at the earliest opportunity possible. Jacqui’s experience, enthusiasm and ideas helped make our week an absolute hit! 

St Georges Academy, Westgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire 

Many thanks, Jacqui, once again for the session you delivered last Wednesday. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and a number of them have expressed interest in looking further into the subject. I was very pleased with the ways they approached the lesson and it was clear through their questioning that they were interested in what was being delivered to them.

The group consisted of some of our more able students and they felt that the level of questioning challenged them to think about their responses. This is an excellent way of getting students to appreciate the wider applications of Science and we will certainly be looking at repeating this exercise with future Y7 groups. A well-delivered and informative presentation, containing a variety of approaches that captured the interest of the students. They were fully engaged in all activities and found the whole experience to be extremely enjoyable.

Kelmscott School, Walthamstow, London

This was an excellent delivered workshop. Pupils enjoyed being practically involved and coming out with results. Our pupils are now more enthusiastic to consider taking sciences in their further studies. We shall in future arrange to book another workshop. 

Elizabethan Academy, Retford, Nottinghamshire

At the request of all our Primary Heads, I rebooked Jacqui and her team to deliver the C.S.I. Forensic Science day to our feeder schools as part of our Primary Transition programme for the third year running. We already knew the children were going to have a fabulous day based on previous years and we were not disappointed; they loved it!

From the outset, the day yet again, was supremely well organised and every resource needed was brought along, all we needed to do was provide a venue big enough to cater for all the primary children who wanted to attend. Jacqui took charge of the children from the second they arrived grouping them so that they sat with other children from other Primary schools (essential in a transition activity).

In the morning the children experienced what it would be like to live and work as Crime Scene Investigators, learning about fingerprinting techniques, how to look for and ‘bag n tag’ clues from the strangest of places and importantly how to stay extra safe online.

In the afternoon 15 mock crime scenes were created with one single aim; to work out whodunnit! So as not to contaminate the crime scenes, it was essential that the children dressed for the part.  In white suits, hoods, face masks, gloves, glasses and overshoes they set about their challenge of working out who might have committed the crime.  Dusting for fingerprints, using high-tech ultra-violet torches to search for hidden messages as well as examining the crime scene and collecting fibres, which might help determine the culprit; the children spent the afternoon working together to gather evidence that might lead to an arrest.

OFSTED often comment on giving children ‘memorable experiences’. This was certainly one of them. If you run a transition programme in a secondary school I can recommend this as a wonderful way in which to get children from a range of backgrounds and schools working together really quickly.  Already planning for next year!

Marsden Heights Community College, Nelson, Burnley, Lancashire

This was the first time that we had Pulse CSI deliver one of their fantastic workshops at Marsden Heights Community College.  My colleagues and I were hugely impressed by their service. It was professional, courteous and well organised but the thing which impressed us above all else was the rapport which was built up with our students from the off, it was exceptional; it meant that our students were switched on, engaged in their tasks and most importantly having fun while learning.

This is a testament to Jacqui and how she delivered the workshop and the resources she provided. Whether it was taking hands or footprints or investigating blood spatter or hair or clothes fibres our students thoroughly enjoyed every single aspect which was fantastic to witness! I cannot wait to be able to invite Pulse back to MHCC to inspire, motivate and excite our students about real-life science! 

Felixstowe Academy, Felixstowe, Suffolk

The Forensic workshop was brilliant and worked very well within Felixstowe Academy. The aim of the workshop was to work with our primary schools as a transition event so all potential FXA pupils could meet each other and have positive experiences at FXA which I feel they did. We also invited our year 7s to the event and they also thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Castle Academy, Riseholme Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

This was a fantastic workshop offering students the opportunity to engage in a hands-on practical activity bringing together elements of science, geography and enterprise. Students thoroughly enjoyed the day and were on-task throughout. In geography teaching our focus on crime allowed students to challenge their perceptions of the subject area and to realise through the activities the impact crime has on people, areas and society.

The impact of the event is that students remember the day with excitement and have created a superb display in a classroom which they are extremely proud of! Jacqui is superb at delivering what is a fantastic learning experience for all. We have had some excellent feedback from some of the students in their science lessons today. They said that they enjoyed the day. I think you could see that from their reaction at the end. I was impressed by how you kept the students engaged. This was all the more impressive bearing in mind their number and the location. Some of the students also have issues with concentration and the range of activities kept their interest. It was clear that they were fully focused on the main crime scene activity in the afternoon. In my opinion, the day will aid with their STEC work.

Sir William Robertson School, Welbourn, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

What a truly amazing experience! We booked the forensics workshop for all of the Year 7 cohort in order to raise their awareness of Science in ‘real life and also to raise the awareness of real science within the curriculum. We were not disappointed! The pupils spent time finding out about safety on the internet and computer forensics. This was such a valuable aspect of school life with the various sites available to the pupils these days. Very few were even aware of the ‘Report abuse’ facility! We then moved on to active ‘forensics’ with a flurry of finger, hand and ear-print taking. This was swiftly followed by the analysing of our crime scenes! Pupils had the task of analysing a crime scene to detect what had happened and how to detect the ‘clues’. It was truly fascinating and amazing fun. Jacqui Thompson is exceptional in her delivery and presentation and makes it all exciting and fun. This is a highly recommended session for any pupil! A huge enhancement to the everyday curriculum! 

Secondary School Testimonial