Secondary School Workshop Prices (KS3/KS4)

The following short video clip showcases our CSI Forensic Science Workshops


The national curriculum (2013) calls for a ‘secure understanding’ of knowledge and concepts of science, stating that ‘insecure [and] superficial understanding’ will hinder progression, specifically identifying ‘key points of transition (between primary and secondary school)’ as a time of high risk. Pulse CSI has identified this risk and has noticed a high demand for workshop services between the transitional period of key stage 2 to key stage 3. All schools that engage with the workshops report a significant increase in pupil attainment for scientific subjects. Pulse CSI workshops actively provide an interactive baseline for students to progress into the levels of scientific enquiry expected in key stage 3 studies.

KS3 – KS4 (Full Day) Forensic Science Workshop

Days Format | Morning Session

During the morning session all students willfully engaged in practical, ‘hands-on’ activities, these will include learning about the processes and applications used at a Crime Scene including, Fingerprinting using Magnetic Powder and Black Ink.  Additionally, the students will be analysing Footwear and Hair and Fibre. Our Hair analysis takes us into a discussion on “DNA” which naturally takes us into ethnicity and heritage (Diversity and Inclusion). The last part of this session is looking at the collection and preservation of evidence at a Crime Scene and the importance of evidence retrieval and the significant part it plays in a court of law, giving the students an insight into the Criminal Justice System

Days Format | Afternoon Session

During the afternoon session, all students will don a White SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suit, gloves, mask and overshoes and then they will be required to apply their newly acquired skill-set learnt from the morning session to their group Crime Scenes and investigate and report their findings with the help of Suspect Profiles and all the authentic forensic resources used in the morning session.  The afternoon session helps promote team building, problem-solving and encourages your students to equally, work independently.  Our CSI Workshops are guaranteed to Inspire, Motivate, Engage and completely keep your students on task!    

Generic Timetable

(All timings can be tailored to your individual school’s timetable)

9.15       –      10.45                 What is Forensic Science? “Hands-on” activities and introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

10.45     –     11.00                  Morning Break 

11.00     –     12.30                  Continued with Forensic Science “hands-on” activities and introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

12.30     –     1.30                    Lunch Break

1.30       –     1.45                    Students put White SOCO Suits, Gloves, Footwear Overshoes & Mask 

1.45       –     2.30                    Crime Scene Investigation – Group Session’s

2.45       –     3.00                   Clean up 

3.00       –     3.30                   Conclusion  

Based on 120 pupils we could deliver a full-day workshop based on a school hall delivery based on 20 Groups x 6 Pupils Per Group, depending upon your Year Group size.  If you have larger year groups a delivery over 2 days is possible, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements further:

All resources are supplied by Pulse CSI

COSTINGS: Because of the COVID pandemic a few of our resources namely our ‘Crime Scene’ laminates are now disposable to prevent the spreading of bacteria.   The only resource we ask for the schools to provide the pupils with is ‘pencils’ to avoid cross-contamination.

PPE COSTS: Unfortunately, still remain extremely high and thus, reluctantly our costings have had to reflect this increase accordingly.

TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION: costs will be charged and quoted accordingly, if applicable

Travel costs are charged at 0.50p per mile from Lincolnshire & Accommodation is charged on Premier Inn prices normally £95 per room depending upon location.

VAT: Pulse CSI is VAT registered and thus we charge VAT on all sales invoices, this can be claimed back by your school, where applicable.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you have booked your school’s workshop and have to cancel your workshop due to unforeseen circumstances, as long as we have 2 weeks notice (14 days) no charges will be incurred, however, if you cancel at short notice then a 50% charge will be applicable.

COVID: Any cancellations/postponements made due to COVID lockdowns will not be applicable to cancellation charges and all workshops can and will be rescheduled