Jacqui Thompson from PULSE Education & Business Services Limited had a further encounter with Theo Paphitis from BBC Dragons’ Den but this time it was not in the Den with the other Dragons’!  But at the SBS Business Awards ceremony held on Friday 30th March at Edgebaston Stadium.


Inaugural SBS Business Awards event, held at Edgebaston Stadium, Birmingham

Jacqui Thompson receiving her ‘SBS’ Business Award from Theo Paphitis

Prior to the SBS Awards, ”I didn’t recognise you without your black combats and CSI t.shirt!” states Theo Paphitis. I think he is referring to this look on BBC Dragons’ Den in September last year!

Still smiling! Prior to the interrogation!  

 Dragons’ engaged and having fun!

Theo Paphitis ready to investigate the Crime Scene in the Den!

The whole Dragons’ Den experience was fantastic and all the BBC Dragons’ were extremely complimentary about my business venture, despite the fact that I didn’t achieve the investment.

I have absolutely no regrets about appearing on BBC Dragons’ Den and I certainly use this whole experience to encourage students all around the UK, to follow their dreams, whatever those dreams may be ‘small or large’ it doesn’t matter.

Additionally, I discuss Theo Paphitis as a role model with students, as one of Britain’s finest ‘Entrepreneurs’ who through adversity proved with the right attitude, perseverance and most of all “passion” you can achieve your dreams, he is a successful businessman and family man and gives back at every opportunity.

Back to SBS event!

SBS Award Winners!

My business colleagues from North Lincolnshire, Red Herring Games delivering Murder Mystery events throughout the UK.

Theo is behind you! Claire Hainstock from Acting the Party (@actingtheparty)

Finally after months of Tweeting and stalking Theo!  I get to meet the lovely Shelli Bobbins!

The continuation of some lovely online friendships, brought together by the phenomenon that is SBS!!   Fantastic ladies with fabulous businesses! Really looking forward to supporting you all and sharing good practice throughout the forthcoming months and years!

All of the successes achieved by SBS Winners courtesy of this little bird! 

@AquaDesignGroup Thank you Dylan for producing my lovely Twitter Badge & Twitter Graphic below!


Massive thanks go to Ryman Stationery for sponsoring the SBS Winners’ Event, in particular to Chief Executive Kypros Kyprianou, PR Director Tina Fotherby and the whole Ryman Team for making it such a fantastic experience for all the winning SBS businesses.  Also, an extra special thank you to Chris Wheeler (MD) of Metal Frog Studios and his team for designing and building an aesthetically pleasing and functional SBS Website, you should be very proud of what you have achieved for so many small businesses.

My SBS experience started just over a year ago and since the above retweet, so many different opportunities have presented themselves as a result of this ‘tweet’……… Finally, a special heartfelt thank you to Theo Paphitis and equally, to all the SBS businesses who have supported me throughout 2011, far to many to mention but special thanks to Claire @virtualbuscent & Shelli Bobbins @shellibobbins who have given me unconditional support.  I look forward to continuing to support all #SBS businesses and sharing good practice with you all during 2012!