Meet the Pulse CSI Team

We have worked with some fantastic Forensic Associates who have assisted the Pulse CSI Team with the delivery of our Forensic Science Workshops to Schools throughout the country.

All of these professionals have a wealth of skills in Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation, Criminology & Law and offer a wealth of experience in their chosen disciplines and I am very pleased and honoured to have them working with Pulse CSI on an ad-hoc basis and very much look forward to working with them all again throughout the next few years. 

Many of my Forensic Associates although, occasionally do still work with us, I am pleased to say that they have all forged excellent long-term careers including, Policing, Forensic Science, and Crime Scene Examiners and one of my former associates is now a Doctor in Forensic Science lecturing at Bournemouth University! 

Our newest associate who has been with PulseCSI since 2018 and throughout this COVID pandemic, is Rosie Clarke pictured below, who will eventually be forging a long-term career in Policing but for the foreseeable, she is assisting me in running our CSI Forensic Science Workshops and assisting me in adapting our current workshop, whilst external suppliers aren’t allowed into schools. 

We are proud to introduce our new “Workshop in a Box” into schools, everything you need to run a successful Forensic Science session with all the authentic resources and you get to keep them!!!  See our Home Page for more information!

Pulse CSI Team 2021
2021 Pulse CSI

Pulse CSI Team | Associates Testimonials

Dr. Emily Norton | Lecturer in Forensic Investigation

I was lucky to work with Jacqui over a number of years helping to deliver Pulse CSI’s inspiring forensics workshops at various primary and secondary schools across the UK. Jacqui’s innovative ideas and infectious personality have the students engaged from the moment they entered the room. Each workshop provided a unique insight into the world of CSI and enabled students to engage with techniques routinely used within crime scene investigation.  The Pulse CSI workshops provide a stimulating and informative experience outside of the syllabus STEM subjects and provide students with a sneak peek into a day in the life of a CSI.

Amy Hartley | Criminology Graduate

I joined Pulse CSI as a Criminology graduate and can honestly say I had the best time there. I was so lucky to find a job after University that I loved so much.  Working with Jacqui and visiting different schools every day was such a laugh. Seeing the students and teachers enjoy the materials and resources that Pulse CSI provide was always so fulfilling, it was so refreshing working with someone who was so dedicated and invested in the difference their company makes.  Being fresh out of university, I never expected to have such a laugh and form such a close relationship with my own boss! When we were on the road with work we would turn into a little family.  Working for Pulse CSI taught me so much as an individual and as a young adult and I will always be thankful for that.

Emily Jackson | Crime Scene Investigator, Humberside Police

I worked with Jacqui and Pulse CSI over approximately 6 years and loved it. After I finished university it was a great way to keep my skills fresh and travel to different areas all over the UK. At each workshop, there would be different questions from the students which would test my knowledge at times! The students were so inventive – especially in the mock crime scene scenario! Jacqui really brings her enthusiasm for forensic science to each workshop adapting some of the topics for the age group joining us. I even had the chance to teach a small group myself which was out of my comfort zone but great for my confidence. Since working with Pulse I have secured a full-time role as a CSI which I am thoroughly enjoying.

James Healy | Enrichment Education Specialist

“I worked alongside Pulse CSI for a few years and it was clear that the material they delivered had a significant impact on the students who participated in the workshops. The subject of CSI is a prominent hook for young people to evoke their interest in STEM subjects. I witnessed students engaging with scientific material, adopting a scientific mindset and asking exploratory questions, not just to teachers but to their peers and themselves.

As an educationalist, I value the tried and tested mantle of the expert teaching technique, and no-one employs this technique better than Pulse CSI. If you want to actively engage and enthuse your students about STEM subjects, with countless opportunities to expand into other lessons, this is the way to do it.”

Oliver Harrod | Forensic Associate | PGA Professional Golfer

I worked with Jacqui for 4 years and I can honestly say it was the best experience ever! I went into the job not knowing much about forensics to assist her and her business at a very busy time, but after the period of time working with her, I came out knowing so much knowledge around the subject of CSI, but additionally, how to run a business! It was great fun and we had some brilliant times, even if she did get fed up with the continuous banter! It’s a fantastic career and a great stepping stone for someone that wants to have a business insight or wants a career in Forensic Science. Thank you so much for the opportunity and continue doing your thing! It’s truly terrific, Ollie xx

Neil Chadwick | Former Crime Scene Investigator

“I have worked with Jacqui Thompson of Pulse CSI for a number of years providing CSI workshops and presentations to schools, colleges, and businesses.  As a former Crime Scene Examiner, I found delivering workshops to schools and colleges a great opportunity to develop an interest in Forensic Science. By using some of the techniques used at crime scenes to enable people to develop fingerprints, examine hair fibres even the youngest participants can be meaningfully engaged.

The opportunity for people to don crime scene suits and the various elements of protective clothing used, whilst examining their own crime scenes is always relished. Once dressed appropriately participants examine their own crime scenes with the opportunity to identify and recover evidence using genuine techniques. Following which they discuss which evidence offers the best opportunity for forensic exploitation.

These workshops offer an excellent opportunity to introduce people to the field of Forensic Science and offer instructors an opportunity to become involved with a completely different sphere, away from the routine crime scene examinations.”

Asha Patel | Criminology Graduate

From working with Jacqui and Pulse Education, it is obvious to see that she is fully committed to offering the highest level of service to schools across the country.  Since joining, I have had the opportunity to assist in Forensic Science workshops, being offered new opportunities to take the lead with small groups of children, improving both my confidence and communication skills.

It is clear to see that Jacqui has an excellent rapport with children and staff alike and the workshops are always delivering above and beyond expectations.  The fast-paced turnaround for workshops means that no two are the same and this provided me with the opportunity to improve both my collaborative and problem-solving skills as there is a constant need to adapt the workshops to suit the needs and space provided by the schools.

All in all, being part of the workshops is a unique career experience and working with Jacqui provides a true sense of accomplishment after watching the children leave the workshops completely engaged and interested in the world of forensic science.”