Onsite | Primary | CSI Forensic Science Workshops

Transition Year 6 CSI workshop

Our onsite CSI Forensic Science Workshops are extremely popular with primary schools nationwide, offering an interactive, “hands-on” full-day workshop. Perfect for any Crime & Punishment, Detective, DNA and/or Heritage topic, our workshops are great for launching a topic or as a post-workshop delivery – bringing your topic right into the 21st century!


Pulse Education & Business Services Limited was established in 2007 located close to RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.  The mainstay of our business is to Raise Aspirations and Attainment in Science & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) in both mainstream, Independent and Special Educational Need schools throughout the country. 


Pulse Education and Business Services Limited (pulsecsi) deliver a STEM centred programme designed to enthuse and engage young minds, utilising the hook of Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation to generate the initial intrigue and curiosity in young people who may otherwise be disengaged.  The workshop will teach pupils that ‘criminals’ will be caught, it’s just a matter of time, but forensic evidence never lies and is vital in the conviction of criminals. Our workshop acts as a great introduction to the Criminal Justice System at an age when it really matters!

WORKSHOP FORMAT (Morning Session)

The activity will take the form of a workshop for the day, which is divided into two distinct sections. The first section, usually lasting approximately 2 ½ hours, develops the skills and knowledge attributed to forensic investigation. Pupils learn the techniques of gathering fingerprint evidence, using the genuine forensic equipment of brushes and powders. Alongside this section, pupils are taught about the uniqueness of fingerprints and DNA, including aspects of forensic genealogy and how personal heritage and identity can be gathered from forensic evidence. The first session includes the gathering of trace evidence, looking at hair and fibres under a microscope as a part of a forensic investigation, the use of Ultra Violet light at a Crime Scene and how to uncover footwear evidence at a Crime Scene.

Primary | KS2 | CSI Forensic Science Workshop

WORKSHOP FORMAT (Afternoon Session)

The second half of the workshop sees the pupils apply their newly acquired knowledge and skillset to the investigation of a mock-up crime scene. By gathering and analysing fingerprints, tracing evidence and contextual information at the same time as working within a team, using communication and critical evaluation skills, they draw together the evidence to discover who the main suspect is in the case. 

Increased progression of young people to higher education, Increased aspirations of target young people, Increased attainment of target young people.

Many of our Forensic Associates come from varying fields of specialism, Former Crime Scene Examiners, Police Coordination Staff, Educational Specialists and Forensic Anthropologists to name just a few examples of the kinds of people Pulse CSI employs to help raise the aspirations of young people. Our specialists are highly skilled in motivating students, using techniques of positive reinforcement to help them realise their potential.


The format of our sessions actively challenges pupils low expectations of themselves. We nurture them throughout the first half of the session, where they often surprise themselves with their ability to apply advanced analytical reasoning and techniques in the Crime Scene Investigation during the afternoon session.

This challenging of expectations becomes a useful tool for teachers in the raising of pupils aspirations, acting as a point of reference for the time they managed to find the ‘main suspect’ through applying their new knowledge and skillset.

Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP)

In addition to the forensic and CSI approach of the day, a Pulse CSI workshop will feature an in-built (OPTIONAL) Child Exploitation Online Protection course (CEOP) e-safety session, which looks at addressing the dangers of young adults spending time online, our intervention in this area has already proved in dire need, not only in preventing the dangers of child sexual exploitation but also given that some young adults, as young as 5 have been shown to be playing online games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty with access to very mature and potentially damaging explicit material our workshops open a dialogue to this, often the taboo world, providing headway to parents and teachers to better tackle this issue. This session is marketed as “digital forensics” and covers appropriate age ranges for various popular social media platforms which young pupils are currently using.

One of our delivery associates is a trained CEOP ambassador and thus, always tailors the material to the appropriate age of the target students. We are very passionate about this area of our work as we feel that the online world has become an increasingly dangerous place for young people and the best thing we can arm them with is the knowledge in how to stay safe and what to do if they feel something is wrong.

Our delivery schedule becomes very busy and it is always advisable to book your school workshop a few months in advance to avoid the disappointment of available dates. We recommend that when contacting us that you provide 2 – 3 alternative dates and please ensure that we are able to use your school hall for the full day, lunchtime can be accommodated.  It is advisable when booking a CSI Workshop, you provide the date(s), Year Group and the number of prospective pupils who will be participating in the workshop. It is always recommended that all pupils are put in “non-friendship” groups and if there are any SEND pupils please let the trainers know in advance, so we are able to offer additional support, where required.

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