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Secondary | KS3 & KS4 CSI Forensic Science Workshop

Our onsite CSI Forensic Science Workshops are extremely popular with schools, offering an interactive, “hands-on” full-day workshop available for Primary, Secondary, Independent and Special Educational Needs Schools on a UK wide basis.


Pulse Education & Business Services Limited was established in 2007 located close to RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.  The mainstay of our business is to Raise Aspirations and Attainment in Science & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) in both mainstream, Independent and Special Educational Need schools throughout the country. 


Pulse Education and Business Services Limited (pulsecsi) deliver a STEM centred programme designed to enthuse and engage young people, utilising the hook of Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation to generate the initial intrigue in young people who may otherwise be disengaged

WORKSHOP FORMAT (Morning Session)

The activity will take the form of a workshop for the day, which is divided into two distinct sections. The first section, usually lasting approximately 2 ½ hours, develops the skills and knowledge attributed to forensic investigation. Student’s learn the techniques of gathering fingerprint evidence, using the genuine forensic equipment of brushes and powders. Alongside this section, student’s are taught about the uniqueness of fingerprints and DNA, including aspects of forensic genealogy and personal heritage and identity. The first part also includes the gathering of trace evidence, looking at hair and fibres under a microscope as a part of a forensic investigation, the use of Ultra Violet light at a Crime Scene and how to uncover footwear evidence at a Crime Scene. Students examine footwear marks, using authentic footwear casting kits as if working on a crime scene outdoors.

WORKSHOP FORMAT (Afternoon Session)

The second half of the workshop sees the students apply their newly acquired knowledge and skillset to the investigation of a mock-up crime scene. By gathering and analysing fingerprints, trace evidence and contextual information at the same time as working within a team, using communication and critical evaluation skills, they draw together the evidence to discover who the main suspect is in the case. 

The delivery of this workshop actively contributes towards the National Collaborative Outreach Programme’s delivery by showcasing to student’s real-life applications of careers that have resulted from aspirations to higher education. Careers discussed are not only around that of Crime Scene Investigation but also around the various areas of forensic laboratory work, as well as other roles such as Pathologists, Entomologists, Blood Spatter Analysts and Firearms Specialists. 

A workshop delivered by Pulse CSI will exhibit the positive aspects of career pathways in STEM, introduced through the intrigue that is forensic investigation. This methodology provides students with an earned reward, through their hard work and endeavours not only through the skillsets of critical evaluation and ‘out of the box’ thinking but through the reinforcement of soft skills, such as communication, teamwork and listening, whereby they learn to value and process other people’s ideas. Such skills are highly sought after in higher education settings.

Increased progression of young people to higher education, Increased aspirations of target young people, Increased attainment of target young people.

Pulse CSI workshops act as gateways to STEM topics, promoting these subjects through varying age groups – our delivery has been sought after to run alongside related A level courses. The added benefit of a Pulse CSI workshop is that our forensic delivery specialists reinforce the rhetoric of the positive outcomes of HE, serving as a physical example of people who have made a success of their life and career through attending university. Our workshops have proven to increase the attainment of students in various subject areas, even beyond STEM subjects, feedback from the majority of teachers indicate a significant improvement in literacy and oracy skills following a Pulse CSI workshop. This is a clear indication to us that our work is inspiring young people to write about and talk about the exciting things that they do with us.

Many of our Forensic Associates come from varying fields of specialism, Former Crime Scene Examiners, Police Coordination Staff, Educational Specialists and Forensic Anthropologists to name just a few examples of the kinds of people Pulse CSI employs to help raise the aspirations of young people. Our specialists are highly skilled in motivating students, using techniques of positive reinforcement to help them realise their potential. These interactions give our associates time in which to converse with the students, explaining what is involved in their specialism and the educational steps it took to reach that position, which in most cases, involves University and/or Further Education.


The format of our sessions actively challenges students’ low expectations of themselves. We nurture them throughout the first half of the session, where they often surprise themselves with their ability to apply advanced analytical reasoning and techniques in the final second half. This challenging of expectations becomes a useful tool for teachers in the raising of students’ aspirations, acting as a point of reference for the time they managed to find the ‘main suspect’ through applying their new knowledge and skills.

Our schools delivery schedule becomes very busy and it is always advisable to book your school workshop a few months in advance to avoid the disappointment of available dates. We recommend that when contacting us that you provide 2 – 3 alternative dates and please ensure that we are able to use your Sports Hall / Gym/School Hall / Atrium for the full day, lunchtime can be accommodated.  It is advisable when booking a CSI Workshop, you provide the date(s), Year Group and number of prospective students who will be participating in the workshop, for larger year groups we would require 2-day delivery.

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