Workshop Overview

This short video shows the KS2 pupils working scientifically, applying the skill-set they have learnt from the morning session and applying it directly to the Crime Scene Investigation session in the afternoon donned in White SOCO Suits, Gloves, Overshoes and Facemasks ready to investigate!



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Working Scientifically at KS2



If your school is looking for an interesting and innovative way to stimulate an interest in Science, this CSI Forensic Science workshop is designed with you in mind, particularly, if you or your students are fascinated by the world of CSI?

This is an interactive Forensic Science Session that will show your pupils how CSI fits into today’s modern world. The aim of this workshop is to bring the vocational context into the classroom by developing resources which stimulate an interest in Science and the STEM subjects.

We offer a ‘Full Day’ workshop, tailored to your timetable and schools individual requirements, all resources are supplied by PULSE. Please contact us now to discuss how PULSE can fully engage your pupils and more importantly keep them on task!

Forensic Science Workshop Format

Morning Session
During the morning session, all pupils willfully engaged in practical, ‘hands-on’ CSI activities, these will include learning about the processes and applications used at a Crime Scene including, Fingerprinting using Magnetic Powder and Black Ink. Additionally, the pupils will be looking at Footwear castings and doing Footprints, in addition to looking at Hair and Fibres. The last part of this session is looking at the collection and preservation of evidence at a Crime Scene and the importance of evidence retrieval in a court of law.

Afternoon Session
During the afternoon session, all pupils will don a White SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suit, gloves, mask and overshoes and then they will be required to apply their newly acquired skill set learnt from the morning session to their group Crime Scenes and investigate and report their findings with the help of Suspect Profiles. Attached is our KS2 Lesson Plan relating to our Workshop, this shows the generic format of the day and Learning Outcomes, the day can be completely tailored to your school’s timetable.

The workshops support various Curriculum subjects including Science, Maths, English, English Literacy, PHSE, Citizenship, History, Geography, ICT & Drama and is a great introduction to the Criminal Justice System at an age when it really matters. The workshop is also used for Enrichment Days, Curriculum Days, INSET, CPD, Off Timetable Days, Outreach Days and in many Primary Schools used to support topics such as Crime and Punishment, ID, Detectives and other KS2 bitesize topics.