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Crime Scene to CourtroomSupporting WJEC Applied Certificate and Diploma in Criminology (Unit 3)

The following short video clip showcases our CSI Forensic Science Workshops

A criminology degree will teach you all about the science and motivations behind the world of crime and deviance. Drawing on the likes of sociology, law, and psychology, during your degree, you will explore a range of theories and policies to understand the behaviors of individuals and groups. By analyzing the implications and consequences that crime brings to society, you’ll also get to know how the criminal justice system actually works and penalizes those who clearly disobey it.

As a criminology degree graduate, you could work as a detective, police officer, youth worker, counselor, and or solicitor.

As part of your Degree Course, one unit you will be studying is a module on Crime Scene Investigation and how the use of ‘Forensic Science’ evidence is used in a court of law to convict criminals. Additionally, how “Forensic Science” evidence can be used in a court of law to overturn a conviction based on new forensic evidence coming to light, misleading forensic evidence was a contributing factor in 24% of all wrongful convictions nationally, according to the National Registry of Exonerations, which tracks both DNA and non-DNA based exonerations.

Our CSI Forensic Science sessions will teach Criminology Students about how “Forensic Science” is used in a court of law. All students will learn about the applications and processes used at a Crime Scene Investigation and the importance of Forensic Evidence in gaining a conviction. The sessions will be based on a Full Day’s Workshop where the students will learn about forensic science techniques used at a crime scene investigation, which include looking for latent marks, including fingerprints, footwear marks, hair + fibers, and the use of UV (Ultra Violet) lights. The session is completely “hands-on” and will definitely keep your students engaged thoroughly throughout the morning session.

The afternoon session will see the students investigating their Crime Scenes in their allocated teams and will apply the skillset learned from the morning session directly to the afternoon session. Mocked-up crime scene scenarios will be set up, in addition to the students having a list of suspect profiles, a victim profile, and an incident report, all the forensic resources, and evidence collection material will be provided for the students to use whilst investigating their Crime Scene.

The workshop was just phenomenal, Jacqui and Val were so enthusiastic and positive and the students (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. We cover the WJEC criminology course and it was perfectly linked to unit 3. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough! I really loved how Jacqui was so informative and also willing to answer so many questions.

(Course Leader for Criminology, Course Leader for GCSE Psychology, Tutor for Psychology and Criminology)

Oldham Sixth Form College
Union Street West

Oldham Sixth Form College, Oldham, Lancashire

Workshop Costs

COSTINGS: Because of the COVID pandemic a few of our resources namely our ‘Crime Scene’ laminates are now disposable to prevent the spreading of bacteria.   The only resource we ask for the schools to provide the pupils with is ‘pencils’ to avoid cross-contamination.

PPE COSTS: Unfortunately, still remains extremely high and thus, reluctantly our costings have had to reflect this increase accordingly.

TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION: costs will be applicable and quoted accordingly, if applicable.

Travel costs are charged at 0.50p per mile from Lincolnshire & Accommodation is charged on Premier Inn prices normally £95 per room depending upon location.

VAT: Pulse CSI is VAT registered and thus we charge VAT on all sales invoices, this can be claimed back by your school, where applicable.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you have booked your school’s workshop and have to cancel your workshop due to unforeseen circumstances, as long as we have 2 weeks notice (14 days) no charges will be incurred, however, if you cancel at short notice then a 50% charge will be applicable.

COVID: Any cancellations/postponements made due to COVID lockdowns will not be applicable to cancellation charges and all workshops can and will be rescheduled.