6th Form Forensic Science Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials received from both Teachers in Schools and Colleges across the country, who are delivering BTEC Applied Forensic Science | Public Services Courses, Policing and Criminology | Criminology courses

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Oldham Sixth Form College

The workshop was just phenomenal, Jacqui and Val were so enthusiastic and positive and the students (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. We cover the WIEC criminology course and it was perfectly linked to unit 3. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough! I really loved how Jacqui was so informative and also willing to answer so many questions.

Aylesford School, Kent

Year 12 and 13 criminology students were lucky enough to take part in the Pulse CSI workshop on Tuesday. Students got first-hand experience with forensic methods used by Scenes of Crime Officers. They practiced fingerprinting techniques and analyzed their own fingerprints, conducted hair and fibre analysis, and used forensic tools such as powerful microscopes and luminol to understand their uses at crime scenes. 

This was followed after lunch by the chance for them all to don SOCO suits and investigate the evidence from a crime scene before using their investigation to come to a conclusion as to who the killer was. 

Thanks must go to Jacqui and Rosie from Pulse CSI who were inspirational in their delivery of the workshop. They all showed fantastic confidence, curiosity, and resilience when working as a team to complete the challenging tasks throughout the day. 

North Liverpool Academy, Liverpool (6th form Leadership Team)

Our students at North Liverpool Academy thoroughly enjoyed the CSI workshop provided by Pulse Education. Jacqui and Emily are clearly passionate about Forensic Science, which in turn engaged our students. Many of our students were able to apply their knowledge from their Forensic Science lessons to the workshop and bring the theories to life. We had students of various ages and abilities who were able to access the workshop easily and the Pulse education team facilitated the learning process with clear instructions, active monitoring and dynamic resources to bring the session to life.  

We would have no hesitation to welcome Pulse Education back to our school and wholeheartedly recommend the CSI workshop as an innovative and inspiring addition to the curriculum.  Many students discovered an interest in studying Forensic Science at a higher level and some became inspired to pursue this career path after the workshop.

The Beacon School, Banstead, Surrey

Our Year 13 | BTEC Forensic Science students took part in a one-day workshop delivered by PULSE education. During the morning session, students were introduced to the principles of gathering evidence from a crime scene. This was a very practical session with hand-on activities, including fingerprint collection and analysis, footprint casting, blood spatter analysis and fibre analysis. During the afternoon, students were Scene of Crime Officers (SOCOs) and used all their expert knowledge and skills to investigate a simulated crime scene. All students played a full part in the day and were outstanding ambassadors for the school. 

Their teamwork skill, dedication a commitment were second-to-none and the record of the day will form excellent evidence for their portfolios. Many thanks go to Jacqui Thompson, from PULSE education, for delivering such an enjoyable, thorough and engaging workshop.

Newall Green High School & 6th Form Centre, Manchester | (Head of Public Service & Law)

The impression of the day – this course is aimed at students who are studying BTEC uniformed Public Service Courses, pre-entry or NCFE, additionally this course would be great for A-Level Law Students who want a different view of crime or where large numbers going into crown courts for a visit can sometimes be a problem. The company is helpful and prides itself on their communication with schools and colleges etc at all stages of inquiry to booking. 

Excellent time management skills followed by friendly personable staff whose own personal experience and study of crime scene investigation mean the subject becomes alive. The day felt more ‘Silent Witness’ than ‘CSI’, which I think the students preferred. ‘Outstanding’ cannot praise the day enough; I will be re-booking for the next cohort of students.

As an ex Solicitor and now Head of Law at a 6th form in Manchester, I feel students would feel cheated if they didn’t take part in a day like this one. Students gained invaluable insight with respect to current policing issues, and investigative and policing methods, with a hands-on approach that was pitched at the correct level for a mixture of students.

The day was none stop action-filled fun and learning from the moment we entered our CSI setting. The students learnt lots of new skills such as questioning, teamwork, respect for each other’s ideas, gathering evidence, the importance of an offender profile, and the importance of looking at all evidence no matter how small. Students took part in dusting for latent prints, fibre and hair analysis, as well as traditional finger-prints using ink. The students also cast a footprint cast where a shoe print had been left in the mud outside our classroom.

The afternoon session was the ‘live’ scene of the crime and the students were split into groups to try and find the suspect, they all wore Scene of crime outfits which made their day including the staff. The students had lots of items to take home with them and the next day we also received a disk with photos of students that had been taken on the day, which was a lovely touch………many, many thanks for such a great day.