(Fiona Blyth) Lower Primary Class Teacher
Riverside School, Goole, North East Lincolnshire

Riverside School pupils had an amazing experience when Jacqui came to introduce crime scene investigation techniques in a variety of fun, hands-on lessons during our Science and Technology Week.

The children enjoyed creating keyrings of their fingerprints using special inks and also made handprints with a fascinating magnetic powder and ‘magic wands!’ We explored all sort of different fibres with mini microscopes and the pupils were amazed when they looked at their fingers and hair through the magnifying glass. They took samples of their footprints and wrote secret messages using UV pens and black light torches. All the children were able to interact with the experience at their own level and Jacqui was flexible and responsive to each group’s abilities, ensuring they had lots of differentiated tasks that were suited to their needs.

The length of each session was appropriate to the concentration levels of the pupils and they were kept busy and engaged at all stages of the experience. I would definitely recommend the CSI experience to other MLD Special Schools as the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day.