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Internet Safety & Safeguarding for Teachers, Parents, Guardians & Carers brought to you by CEOP


Launched in April 2006, CEOP is a Government run law enforcement agency aiming to protect young people from sexual abuse. CEOP is a multi agency organisation uniting police, charities and industry, to work together in a holistic approach.


Thinkuknow is CEOP’s education initiative aimed at empowering young people through information and education. Through an extensive range of dynamic resources, young people are equipped with the knowledge to identify the risks posed to them online and given proactive responses to reduce these risks. There are resources available for young people aged 4-16 years, parents & carers and professionals who work with young people. All Thinkuknow resources are free of charge. All CEOP education resources are created using the latest intelligence and case studies from the CEOP intelligence and operations faculties, as well as consultation with CEOP’s multi-agency Education Advisory Board and Youth Advisory Panel. Many of the resources have been developed with lesson plans which map to the National Curriculum. These are also available with guidance notes for professionals outside of the classroom.


A member of the Virtual Global Taskforce – making the internet a safer place

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is part of the UK police and is dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse wherever they may be.  That means building intelligence around the risks, tracking and bringing offenders to account either directly or with local and international forces and working with teachers, children and parents to deliver their unique Thinkuknow educational programme.

As Trainer’s for CEOP we are passionate about educating and safeguarding children whilst they are online and we are able to achieve this through our already established Forensic Science Workshops, by including a session dedicated to online safety (No Charge), lasting approximately 15 minutes.

CEOP have several resources available to Teachers, Students and Parents through their ThinkUknow Programme