If your Primary School budget doesn’t stretch to a Full Day CSI Forensic Science Workshop, why not consider a 1/2 Day Forensic Science Masterclass
Our Forensic Science Masterclass is available for a whole school delivery in one day? Equally, if you want to deliver our master-class to a full year group this may be a more cost-effective option for your school which includes the whole school, additionally, we can also make basic forensic resources available for your Reception pupils so they feel included in the day’s activities!

Session Format


Introduction to Forensic Science and the methods, applications and processes used, during a Crime Scene Investigation.
  •  Latent Fingerprinting session (all pupils will be producing a “Hand Print”  using magnetic powder)
  •  Footwear analysis using Forensic Footwear lifts
  •  Fibre & Hair retrieval including analysing the fibres under a pocket torch  microscope
  •  UV Detection
  •  Keyring allocation to all pupils with their own ‘unique’ fingerprint impression,  a keepsake for the pupils & a memento of this session